People ask, ‘What’s Kimchi?’
‘What do I DO with this stuff?’
Kimchi is a Korean fermented vegetable condiment; a staple and tradition dating back thousands of years. Delicomb Kimchi is done in a German Kraut style with different ingredients. There are probably as many different recipes for Kimchi as there are Koreans.  Kimchi, as is commonly thought, does not have to be spicy, or made with just cabbage. Delicomb Kimchi adds a healthy and yummy zest to a lot of things you’d be eating anyway.

Delicomb Kimchi doesn’t have the musty element that you will experience in many traditional Kimchis, or the watery stale vinegar taste of canned Sauerkraut. It’s also vegan so there’s no FISH STOCK in it. 

The fermentation creates a natural preservative and a powerhouse of essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and probiotics. Kimchi aids digestion, strengthens the immune system, lowers cholesterol and even possibly reduces/prevents cancer growth. The lactic acid bacteria boosts metabolism.

The average Korean eats about 40 POUNDS of Kimchi a year. They say ‘kimchi’ instead of ‘cheese’ when taking photos! Traditional Kimchi is buried in the ground and fermented there, where it’s cool. Fortunately we don’t have to do that anymore (or dig it up).

Health magazine named Kimchi one of the ‘top 5 healthiest foods in the world’.

Delicomb Kimchi is beyond amazing on any combination of an egg breakfast, it’s like PB&J. It also seems to take well to almost any sandwich. Also amazing with any Asian or Hispanic food variation.

Have a spoonful right out of the jar? for your daily probiotic. Customers have confessed to getting night snack attacks and eating Delicomb Kimchi straight out of the jar.

Kimchi is loaded with A, B & C vitamins, enzymes and healthy bacteria without the fat, lactose and sugar in many fermented dairy products like yogurt.

Including ANY Kimchi in your diet will promote longevity, improve physical ability, improve physical appearance & mental performance/clarity. Daily probiotics, fermented foods, and enzymes from raw foods are a cornerstone to a healthy life.

Dill Kraut Kimchi  MILD green cabbage, carrot, dill, dulce
Pickled Red Onions  MEDIUM red onions & sugar cane juice
Mexi-Kimchi  HOT green cabbage, fennel, cilantro, parsley, jalepeño, lime
Cucumber Kimchi  VERY HOT green cabbage, cucumber, habañero